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Is Prayer used as an alternative to physical help

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Topic: Is Prayer used as an alternative to physical help
Posted By: RPeters
Subject: Is Prayer used as an alternative to physical help
Date Posted: 21 December 2010 at 8:19am

In my church, certain people stress the value of prayer. They preach about it, they make arrangements for prayer meetings and dispense a message of hopelessness and doom upon those who dont make it to the meeting. There is a certain brother who is suffering from an ailness from which deprives him of physical strength. More so he is bed-ridden and has not left his house save for administration of medications. Because of his condition, a group of people began a prayer meeting in regards to his situation. However, his suffering is unnoticed as his family has to bear the brunt of the physical work and financial responsibilities without much help from church members. A certain group kept on promoting that prayer is important even so to label those who do not attend as heretics and those who do not love this brother. But this group has avoided any mention of physical help directly.

Instead of just prayer, though, isnt it important that we as fellow brethren must uphold this brother in physical and material needs ? This brother has not been to any fellowship, isnt it our responsibility to give him some dignity in his current state ? What is the opinion on this matter ? I feel that we sometimes use prayer as an excuse to refrain from physically laborious endeavors. Why show heart but not commit our bodies to the service of each other?

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